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spacer J1939 Type 2 Deutsch/Amphenol Connector, 9-position, Female
with 5 crimp sockets



This connector is available with a locking ring and without a locking ring. Rotating the locking ring when connected assures that the connector cannot come unplugged accidentally. The connector without the lock ring is pressure fitted and is more suited for a test or diagnostic environment where the connector is plugged and unplugged regularly.

We have obtained a smally supply of Chinese clones. The clones are identifiable by the different color (more blue-green than green) and slightly lower quality of injection molding. They do, however work just as well as the name brand connectors for a lower cost.

Item# Weight Price Qty
J1939 Type 2 Deutsch/Amphenol Connector - Locking Female, 9-pos, w/ 5 crimp sockets
j1939f-t2 0.15 lbs $39.95 ea
J1939 Type 2 Deutsch/Amphenol Connector - Female no lock, 9-pos, w/ 5 crimp sockets
j1939f-t2nl 0.15 lbs $39.95 ea
J1939 Type 2 Chinese Connector - Locking Female, 9-pos, w/ 5 crimp sockets
j1939f-t2ch 0.15 lbs $29.95 ea
J1939 Connector Sockets, 5-pack
j1939matepins 0.05 lbs $2.95 ea

Pin Extract Tool for above

Pin Extract Tool

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